Server Highlights

Custom Items

We have a wide range of custom items that have amazing enchantment to boost the game!

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in-Game Shops

Purchase In-Game items with in-game Currency obtained while playing on our server to get great rare items.

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Unique Builds

We have several unique builds to make an awesome server! Our builds include roleplays, info buildings, realty houses, and more!

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Vote Rewards

Vote for our server and you will recieve special items, and points that can be used in the point shop, which has ranks, custom items, and much more!

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Donation Options

Our donations work on a global basis, donate for something to help boost the WHOLE server. Note: Donations are non-refundable.

Other Server Features

  • Friend-Based Staff
    All of our staff members are good friends, making the server more friendly!
  • Roleplay
    Join a roleplay and venture through the worlds!
  • Warp Realty
    Go to realty to buy a house made by staff and put it on your land!
  • Friend System
    Make new friends on Confetti's Realm!
  • Parties
    Host a party to privately chat among a group of friends!
  • Custom Tools
    Equip with Custom Tools to boost your battle and survival experience!
We host events like drop parties on all major holidays. We also customize the builds!
When we achieve our donation goal of the month, we host a drop party!
Use your player points you earn by voting to buy items here! Do /shop to open the shop.
Vote every day to get player points, in-game money, diamonds, and much much more!

Confetti's Realm Owners

  • AltoStorm

    AltoStorm is the Founder Of Confetti's Realm! He can often be found flying around the server!
  • Confetticannon

    Confetticannon is the co-founder of Confetti's Realm. She chan often be found building pixel art and animal statues!
  • Doggo__

    Server Owner
    Doggo__ is an owner of the server. He is in charge of the discord. You can often find him messing with the discord server!
  • SuperSojh

    Server Owner
    SuperSojh is One of our server owners. He is in charge of builds and designing. He can be found building houses!
Head over to our forums for more information Confetti's Realm Forums